How a Sasaki engineer works with landscape architects and planners to sculpt the built environment

Stormwater treatment pond at Bonnet Springs Park (courtesy of Sasaki)

“Interdisciplinary” has become an ever-popular buzzword in the built environment industry.

When I say “interdisciplinary design”, I am just starting to get at breaking down traditional barriers between architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, engineering, etc. The founder of the studio that I work for, Hideo Sasaki, championed this philosophy — that by bringing together multiple perspectives, we can create more holistic, cohesive design solutions. He believed that Sasaki at its best was a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

But an interdisciplinary design approach can take various forms. Perhaps it involves bringing multiple disciplines…

a set of purple bamboo sticks laid in an array
a set of purple bamboo sticks laid in an array

I’ll admit, it sounds weirdly specific to say I lead a group dedicated to LGBT+ Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) professionals. But on the heels of AAPI Heritage Month, in the thick of the growing #stopasianhate movement, and marching through Pride Month, this is our moment and we have a unique story to share.

I write this piece to show you what I’ve gathered as common themes that affect LGBT+ AAPI individuals in the workplace. These stem from conversations with various folks I’ve met through my life and career, from personal experiences, and from my own NAAAP PRIDE team…

Jason Ng

Always exploring the intersection: engineering x urbanism, LGBT x AAPI identity, today x tomorrow

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